Delamain Cognac

With a history spanning three centuries, Delamain is among the oldest names in Cognac. The house was built on a warm, delicate style created by aging Grande Champagne eau-de-vie for long periods in old oak. These well-used casks allow the spirit to attain great maturity while retaining a characteristic freshness and elegance.

Though the appellation requires only two years aging to earn the name Cognac, the youngest Delamain on the market spends at least 25 years in oak prior to blending.

100 years in the making

In 1920, Jacques and Robert Delamain created what would become their signature Cognac, Pale & Dry XO. This landmark blend defined Delamain’s character going forward, making the name synonymous with poise, refinement and complexity.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pale & Dry, cellar master Dominique Trouteau presents the XO Centenaire. The blend comprises some of the finest eau-de-vie in Delamain’s cellars, blended slightly stronger than the original for a vivid expression of the signature style.

Tasting Notes

Joe Rogers (The Whisky Exchange)

    • Nose

      Intensely fruity with mango, lychee, nectarine, apricot, pine nuts, wildflowers and herbal honey. Over time things get richer, showing tangerine and pannetone-like notes of sultana and candied peel.

    • Palate

      Dry and delicate with peaches, yellow wine gums, orange bitters, Thai basil, hazelnuts, chestnuts, vanilla and Mirabelle plums.

    • Finish

      Long and elegant with lingering stone fruit, honey and almond.

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